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Types Of Ceilings

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Gypsum board

Gypsum ceiling is plaster mainly cases raw materials mixed with additives and fiber, with light weight, insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and sawing performance, but the overall ceiling gypsum board, easy to crack and deformation. Multi-use and commercial space science, generally using 600600 specifications, there are clear bone and dark bone of the division, keel commonly used aluminum or iron.

Light Steel Keel

Gypsum board and Light steel keel combined, it constitutes a light steel keel gypsum board. Light steel keel Gypsum board smallpox has a paper gypsum board, gypsum board, Fiber gypsum board, hollow gypsum lath many kinds. From the present point of view, the use of light steel keel gypsum board smallpox as a partition wall more, and used for modelling smallpox is less, easy to deformation.


Splint (also called plywood) has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, shock resistance and vibration, easy processing and finishing, insulation and so on. It can also easily create a curved, round, square and other forms of smallpox, but the disadvantage is afraid of termites.

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