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The Reason Of The Wall Emulsion Paint Shedding

- Oct 26, 2017 -

1, there are problems in the process: because the office decoration is a public outfit, because of its large quantity and poor quality. Paint workers in the process did not in accordance with the putty in the wall leveling, the second time Putty and two times primer, the paint, but directly over the putty leveling, a primer and topcoat. This will lead to the wall of the grassroots is not firm, after a period of time, the bottom is easy to loose, a little external force will fall off.

2, Indoor air Humidity: The decoration speed is very fast, so that the wall of water has not completely evaporated to kill on the settled in. Another person exhaled in the gas contains a lot of water vapor, water vapor and the wall of latex paint combined with natural form a wet emulsion paint, the more critical is the latex paint wall surface is a layer of paint film, not breathable. So the wall slowly began to blister or moldy, natural wall will fall off the skin! In the rainy season, the walls are sweating and the effluent is more serious. Therefore, it is more recommended that the owners in economic conditions permitting, the choice of healthy and safe functional dry powder coating, such as activated carbon wall materials.

3, the material quality has the question: because is the public attire, to the quality not to be fastidious, therefore the foreman turn will paint the quality to carry on the turn, saves the cost, will save the money to put in own pocket!

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