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The Prospect Of The Ceiling

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Because the aluminum buckle plate type is many, smooth lines, rich color, good appearance, more fire-proof, Moistureproof, easy to install, easy to clean and so on, designers and customers can be based on the color of the furniture and floor color to buy ceiling ceiling, by the consumer of the welcome, has been recognized by the world. Smallpox from gypsum board, mineral Wool Board, PVC, aluminum buckle Board development So far, has been a long time. When the aluminum gusset plate was invented, it was only sprayed after the development of the roll coating to cover film, (which laminating more for home decoration,) is the market on this film for PVC film, in Japan now produces a pet film, more environmentally friendly, in this view, aluminum buckle plate in the next few years the prospects are very good.

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