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The Magical Touch Of The Ceiling

- Oct 26, 2017 -

In the past, the impression of the ceiling, just stay in the "piece of white cement" on the ceiling in the home decoration occupies an extremely important position. In addition, the ceiling decoration to cover the pillars, pipelines, insulation, noise and other functions. In addition, the ceiling design is wonderful and changeable, each can create a different decorative effect. When you decorate your new house, you might as well give your room a different form of ceiling.

--Reserved Lamp trough good illumination: This is the most basic function of the ceiling, all kinds of lamps are hidden inside the ceiling, forming reflection light source, to create a warm effect to the room.

Kitchen Clean new Sky: Plastic buckle Board is the most popular kitchen ceiling decoration materials, not only have very good moisture resistance, but also with a dishcloth dipped detergent fine clean. There is also a metal ceiling material began to become popular, its decorative effect is better, but the price is slightly more expensive.

Kitchen ceiling

--Herringbone roof decoration: Some huxing will have a traditional style of the roof, if the wood is wrapped up, design into the ancient eaves of the style, you can bring a thick ancient taste of space.

--a large area of space ceiling: if the living room area is very large, can design more complex ceiling, so that the flat ceiling presents a three-dimensional.

--Straight and curved dialogue: If you suspect that the decorative lines at home too straight, too hard, you can design a curved ceiling, so that the visual effects of the room a little change.

--The classical style of the white ceiling: decorated on the ceiling of the classic Western Gypsum board decorative plate, with complex shapes of chandeliers, so that the original empty ceiling rich.

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