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The Common Practice Of Wiping Panel Surface

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Leveling method

The surface layer uses the iron trowel to wipe the light, also may use the wooden trowel compaction, causes the sand grain to expose, appears the rough surface, the texture feeling is rich.

Nap method

Use a brown brush when plastering the mortar brooms or rollers and other tools, through pulling, lapping, sprinkling, rolling and other processes can form the wall surface, the use of drum tools can be through the changes in the dough, the wall into the bark, waves, vortices and other fancy, but also can be made into plain or chromatic. The surface of the wall is rich in texture, diffuse to sound, light, but easy to accumulate dust, more for outdoor or medium-sized halls indoor wall. ③ Aggregate method: Using stone shavings as aggregates, after the initial coagulation of cement with an axe chopped, that is, into a Shihang wall; mortar cover with coarse stone shavings, spraying water again, washed to the surface of cement, exposing stone debris, that is, into the water brush stone wall, after the cement mortar cover, sprayed with debris, that is, dry-bonded stone wall surface; Spraying the artificial or natural color coarse sand, namely into the colored sand wall surface. Collection of stone-like wall texture good, rich color, sun-resistant and not easy to fade, especially famille rose grain and color sand, abundant material sources, easy to make, wall thickness can be controlled thinner, light weight. In addition, pigments can be added to the mortar, can also be done after the surface layer spraying a layer of paint, such as lime, chalk powder, silver-coated, such as water-based paint, blending paint, enamel and other oily coatings, latex paint, silicone, two-yuan emulsion and other synthetic resin coating. Water-borne coatings are used for wall surfaces that are not wetted by moisture, and oily coatings and synthetic resins are used for the wall surface which is easy to be washed by moisture and regular water.

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