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The Ceilings Are Five Grades Apart.

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Aluminum materials for ceilings are aluminum alloys and cannot have pure aluminum. However, due to the different alloy content and the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy, the current domestic use of aluminum alloy materials for smallpox is divided into five grades:

Aluminum-Magnesium alloy

The first grade, at the same time contains some manganese, the material's greatest advantage is the antioxidant ability, at the same time because of manganese content, it has a certain strength and stiffness, is to do smallpox the most ideal material. The performance of aluminum processing in the Southwest aluminum plant is the most stable.

Aluminum-Manganese alloy

Second grade, the material strength and stiffness is slightly better than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. But the antioxidant capacity is slightly lower than that of Al-Mg alloy. If both sides of the protection treatment, basically to solve its antioxidant capacity is not as good as aluminum and magnesium alloy defects, domestic aluminum industry aluminum processing performance of the most stable.


Third grade, the alloy has less manganese and magnesium content. So its strength and stiffness are obviously lower than al-Mg alloy and Al-MN alloy. Because of its soft, easy to process, as long as a certain thickness, basically can meet the ceiling of the most basic flatness requirements. But its antioxidation ability is obviously inferior to al-Mg alloy and Al-MN alloy. and the processing and transportation and installation process is easy to deform.

Ordinary aluminum alloy

Grade four, the mechanical properties of this material is not very stable.

Dissolve aluminum and tie into aluminum plate

Grade five, the raw material of this board is aluminum processing plant will dissolve aluminum ingot into aluminum plate, do not control chemical composition at all. Because the chemical composition is out of control, the material performance is very unstable, resulting in a serious surface roughness, product deformation, and extremely easy to oxidize.

From the above several to the raw material has the grade of the division, we can not difficult to analyze each kind of ceiling molding quality assurance. The best aluminum buckle plate, their main raw materials are used in Southwest Aluminum plant Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate and Rui-min aluminum aluminum alloy plate. Many people think that the thicker the plate is good, through the above several raw materials have analysis can know, if the same raw materials, then the thicker the plate the better, but the fifth grade of the board, again thick is not. Another in the surface treatment, some manufacturers of raw materials did not reach a certain thickness, but in order to pursue the thickness of this statement, on the surface treatment, spraying a layer of paint. Ordinary consumers in the purchase of aluminum gusset plate on the original plate quality can not have a good understanding, the simplest way to feel the strength of the aluminum plate and hardness.

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