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Damp Treatment Of Wall Surface

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The first: the Wall with wallpaper. Such walls damp, wallpaper will appear warping, deformation and discoloration and other phenomena. Small part of the recommended replacement of the whole wall of wallpaper. New and old wallpaper color difference is very obvious, wallpaper use time is too long, may not even the same color wallpaper can not buy, the same color may also be color difference. Therefore, it is recommended that owners buy the best one-time wallpaper, replace all. or directly without wallpaper, the whole house selection of damp-proof functional paint, lest the wall damp.

Second kind: latex paint wall. Emulsion paint wall damp prone to empty drums, powder, long mold spots, and so on, we should be in the treatment, the damp place with a shovel, and then scrape putty, brush primer and brush topcoat. We should strictly follow the construction method and construction requirement of latex paint when repainting emulsion paint. Color wall in order to avoid the wall surface color, only the whole wall to repaint, if it is white metope can handle damp position.

The Third kind: the bathroom metope. The toilet is most prone to leakage. The ceiling of the toilet is usually aluminum buckle, so don't worry. The light steel keel of the ceiling is generally 0.8cm roar, light steel keel materials purchased through regular channels are not easily corroded. The wall of the bathroom has become darker and even blackened after the tiles are damp. Small series to remind the tile after damp color will be deep, but will not change color, damp ceramic tiles should be a visual error, ceramic tiles after the original color will be restored.

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