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The top of smallpox should have Tianchi

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The modern house is about 2.8 meters high, compared with the increasing height of modern people, this standard has been slightly pressure, if the living room roof again using false smallpox to decorate, design slightly improper, it will appear quite tired, there is a strong sense of oppression, the home will be too much pressure. False smallpox to accommodate the roof of the beam and pressure too low, whether in feng shui or design aspects are not appropriate. In this case, the four-sided low and high middle of the false ceiling layout, so that not only the vision is more comfortable, and the ceiling in the middle of the concave position will form a water Tianchi, the residential wind will also be beneficial. If in this water Tianchi central hanging a resplendent crystal lamp, there will be painting Dragon Point fine, but do not put mirror in the ceiling, this is feng shui bogey.

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