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Stained glass Ceiling

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Stained glass is painted directly on the glass, then barbecue completed, and then use the light to reflect the color of the aesthetic. Its various patterns can be used for internal lighting. But this material is used only for local decoration, otherwise it is like a Christian church.

Ceiling decoration, in addition to material selection, mainly the shape and size of the scale of the problem. The former should be handled in accordance with the specific circumstances, while the latter should be based on ergonomics, aesthetics as a case for calculation. From the height, the interior clearance height of the home decoration should not be less than 2.5 meters. Otherwise, as far as possible not to do the modelling smallpox, but chooses the gypsum line frame decoration.

If decorated with light steel keel plaster board smallpox or splint smallpox, in its surface paint. Should first seal the seam with gypsum powder, and then with the sealing seam with paper dense after the bottom, paint.

Ceiling construction, no matter what kind of material, should remember a little: Seal! In case the rats and cockroaches nest in it.

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