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Introduction to The Wall

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The exterior finishes of the wall are divided into interior wall and exterior wall surface. Wall decoration is an integral part of architectural design. Modern room fashionable wall Metope uses the color, the texture change to beautify the indoor environment, adjusts illuminance, chooses various to have the easy cleanness and the good physical performance material, satisfies many uses functions. Outdoor wall directly affect the appearance of the building and the city face, should be based on the use of the building itself and technical and economic conditions to choose a certain waterproof and weathering properties of materials, to protect the wall structure, keep the appearance clean. The use of good quality clay brick or natural stone masonry wall, itself has a simple appearance and good weather resistance, anti-pollution performance, not another wall, this wall is called the water wall. The clear water wall should be handled neatly and tightly, in case of rainwater leakage. Concrete walls such as the selection of special formwork pouring, after the demolition of the outside wall left wood grain or a variety of concave and convex geometric patterns. This kind of metope is called the clear water concrete wall surface.

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