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History Of The Ceiling

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Profiled strip aluminum Buckle Board

Expensive, family decoration is no longer used in most of this material, mainly because it is not resistant to dirty and easy to deformation. Square Paint aluminum buckle smallpox in, toilets and other easy to dirty place to use, is the mainstream products. Aluminum Bar square ceiling is generally used in shops, nine-way plate to do the bottom, the panel with baking paint or plastic aluminum plate commonly used in the writing aisle.

Stained Glass

This smallpox has a variety of graphic patterns, interior can be installed lighting devices, but generally only with the local decoration. If the decoration with light steel keel plaster board smallpox or splint smallpox, in its surface painting, application of gypsum powder sealed seam, and then sealed with leather tape paper and then hit the bottom, paint.

PVC Ceiling

The price is cheap and not durable.

New type of plastic steel ceiling

The price is high, the material first-class, the pattern is diverse.

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