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Ceiling Mounting process

- Oct 26, 2017 -

General buckle plate with special keel, keel for galvanized steel plate and paint plate, the standard length is: 3000MM.

1, according to the same level of height to install the collection Corner series.

2, according to the appropriate spacing hoisting light steel keel (38 or 50 keel), General spacing 1-1.2 meters, hanging rod distance according to the light steel keel distribution.

3. Put the hanging piece on the buckle plate keel, together with the buckle plate keel close to the light steel keel and with light steel keel into the vertical direction buckle under the light steel keel, the buckle plate keel spacing is generally 1 meters, all installed must adjust the level (under normal circumstances, the building and the aluminum plate to be hoisted the vertical distance not exceeding 600MM, No middle 38 keel or 50 keel is required, and the keel pendant and derrick are connected directly.

4, the bar buckle in order and parallel in the matching keel, the gusset plate connected with a special keel series connection.

5, the board must be installed with gloves, such as inadvertently leave fingerprints or stains, can be used to wash clean water after cleaning dry can be, good installation process disassembly convenient.

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