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Ceiling Tiles For Drop Ceiling In Basement

Ceiling Tiles For Drop Ceiling In Basement

Specification Application Widely used as suspended ceiling of super class buildings such as restaurants,shopping malls, hospital room,ballroom,hall, theaters, cinemas, railway stations, auditorium, offices, living rooms, offices, electronic room, precise equipment room and the residential...

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Panel materials: Aluminum or Galvanized Steel

Imitate marble, wooded grain and any RAL color

We accept OEM designs


Standard size: 350x350, 350x700, 600x600, 600x1200mm

Aluminum Thickness: 0.6mm- 1.0mm

Steel Thickness: 0.5-0.7mm

Height: 8 / 10mm


1)Strong impact endurance

2)Nice pigment wet ability, no static, non - flammable

3)Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather    resistance

4)Multiple accessibility options

Surface Process

Powder coating, Polyester painting



    Widely used as suspended ceiling of super class buildings such as restaurants,shopping malls, 

hospital room,ballroom,hall, theaters, cinemas, railway stations, auditorium, offices, living rooms, 

offices, electronic room, precise equipment room and the residential construction industry.


Fire performance:
   Since the glass fiber is composed of flammable glass wool. Therefore, the substrate and decorative panels of our panels have achieved Class A fire resistance and have been tested by the National Authority of China.
Insulation: isolates outdoor radiation and prevents indoor and outdoor heat dissipation. It can save energy and create a quiet and comfortable environment.
   Compared with ordinary wet cotton wool sound absorbing panels, it has high humidity, dimensional stability, no drooping, wrapping or delamination.
    The standard white fabric, personalized design will bring you a stylish and comfortable visual experience. Other various colors can also be ordered.
    The special coating on the panel makes the fiberglass sound-absorbing ceiling durable and rarely absorbs dust or vacuum. It can be easily cleaned with a wet mop or a dry mop.
Safety and Convenience:

     Insulation does not require protection. The work site will remain clean and tidy, as no fibers will fall off. It can be installed using an exposed or hidden grid. Due to their light weight, these panels are widely used in large-span buildings such as stadiums, exhibition halls, shopping centers, etc. They are easy to trim and install.